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Equine Percussive Massage

Equine massage tailored to your horse's needs!

  • 1 hour
  • From 30 US dollars
  • Based on Client's location

Service Description

Providing equine percussive massage using the best in equine percussive massage gun technology to provide your equine partner with deep tissue massage therapy. Each appointment is tailored to your equine partner's needs. The noted benefits of percussive massage includes enhanced performance, injury prevention and recovery, increased range of motion, rehabilitation, pain relief, release of lactic acid, increased blood and lymphatic flow, activating the nervous system and muscles to promote healing, relieve muscle spasms and stiffness, break up scar tissue and improve overall wellness. Mechanical percussive massage was invented in the 1800's with the first percussive massager developed in 1974. Percussive massage can provide deep tissue targeted massage therapy giving long lasting benefits to equine patients. Whether it's pre or post show treatment, recovery treatment, injury treatment or for overall well-being, give your equine partner the gift of equine percussive massage today!

Contact Details

Piedmont Region, Virginia

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